Family Names

Seppings Family Tree

The Kelly, Lockyer, Milligen, Nicholls, Purtell, Rapley, Saxon, Staines, Webster etc, family names are connected to the Seppings family tree because they married directly into the Seppings family. For example –

Robert Seppings m. Lydia Milligen 1760 Fakenham, Norfolk, England
Lt. John Milligen Seppings m. Ann Maria Marshall Lockyer 1804 Plymouth, Devon
Lt Edmund Henry Seppings m. Hannah Ann Collis (nee) Staines 1852 Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Edmund Henry Seppings m. Catherine Kelly 1888 Wagga Wagga, NSW
Francis Merewether Seppings m. Henrietta Eunice Saxon 1882 Wagga Wagga, NSW
Francis Edmund Seppings m. Mary Ann Nicholls 1921 Wagga Wagga, NSW
Edgar Shelley Seppings m. Ethel Margaret Purtell 1926 Melbourne, Vic
Lockyer Merewether Seppings m. Mary Rapley 1911 Wagga Wagga, NSW
Edgar Shelley Seppings m. Joan Katherine Webster 1954 Melbourne, Vic

The family tree branches on this site are based on the facts as we know them. This is not a complete or finished family tree. It may be used as a guide to help with your own family history research. If you are part of our family and would like to contribute or clarify any information, please go to the Contact page. Inquiries and input into our family’s history, especially clarification and support material are welcome. For more information on our family history research and policies, please see Site Policies.

This is a list of the family names currently being researched. New information about these names will be added to this website as their stories and histories become available. The family tree will be updated as new research is uncovered. Personal details such as birth and marriage dates are not revealed with the names of those still living.