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For a list of credits and contributors, please see the Credits page.

Communication and Contact

If you are part of our family and would like to contribute or clarify any information, please go to the Contact page. Inquires and input into our family’s history, especially clarification and support material are welcome.

Copyrights and Permissions

The content provided on this site is original or used with permission when possible and is protected under Australian and international Copyright Protection Laws. You may use the material on this site for educational, non-paying, non-commercial use. To use any material on this site, including the web page design, photographs, editorial content, stories, poems, and graphics, for any other purpose, you must ask and receive written permission.
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Hold Harmless

All stories, articles, images, and content on this site is used with permission and is copyright protected. It is editorial matter and not to be construed as fact or supporting evidence. The contributors, authors, editors, and all participants on this site do not guarantee accuracy or complete information. A family tree is never complete. Nor is this site. All information is subject to changes, updates, and deletion. I publish what I know at the time, and will update and correct published material as I find new leads and new information. I do my best to determine accuracy and proof of stories and claims, however, when conjecture or assumption is all we have, I will make this clear.
By reading and accessing this website you shall agree to hold the authors, contributors, and participants harmless for any and all claims.


It is important to maintain the privacy of our family members, living and dead, when information shall expose or harm a living family member. Names and information from living family members are used with their explicit permission and all care is taken to protect their privacy.
Contact information for any family members will not be provided without the express permission of those involved. If you have an inquiry, you may use the Contact page and your request may be forwarded to the family member to use at their discretion. The family representatives will use their best judgment in passing such information on, and will be held harmless for doing so.